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Cleo Experience - about us
We are a team of professionals but first of all, we are a group of people who fell in love with these special places. We found our “home” miles away from where we were born and decided to stay. Now we want to share this beauty with those who have eyes to see it. For this reason we selected what we think are the truly unique locations in Sardinia and Corsica to help you enjoy the purest and most authentic essence of these islands, and live experiences beyond your imagination.
  • We will help you live a real experience, rather than a simple holiday.
  • Italy and beyond at your own pace.
  • 360 degree service and assistance.
  • We know each accommodation by heart.


Parishioners Every Sunday


Pastors Preach Love for God


People Who Changed Their Lives


Motivating Books About God

Each time you turn your gaze at Sardinia and Corsica they give you back a new perspective on life

Cleo Experience

A team of professionals from Italy

A team of professionals with an international background who live these places from the inside.

Sardinia & Corsica

Unmissable destinations

Live an unforgettable experience across the “Sister islands” (“Isule Sorelle”) that share one of the most beautiful seas in the world.

Cleo Experience

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