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We have just returned from a 3 weeks vacation in the north of Sardinia organised by Giulia and her team. Her experience and help on Hotels, Villas, car rental etc was invaluable. Giulia was on hand to help with all of our questions and needs and made our experience memorable. We can’t recommend Cleo Experience enough for all of your holiday needs. Thanks to all at the Cleo Experience! We can’t wait to see you again next year.

Matthew Hartie

I cannot recommend Giulia and the Cleo Experiences team enough! We wanted to have an authentic Sardinia experience but didn’t know where to start as we continued to be directed to chain hotels and tourist-specific activities, ie. itineraries that only features “the beaten path”. We came across the Cleo Experience website and reached out to the team. Giulia was extremely responsive and we set up a call to discuss our dream vacation on Sardinia. Giulia asked detailed questions to really get to the bottom of what we were hoping to experience during our vacation. She then got back to us with a full, 2-week itinerary that included the most amazing accomodations, activities, and food options. We went ahead and booked all of the suggestions, which all turned out to be nothing short of amazing. From small-scale boutique hotels to romantic restaurants and to both relaxing and adrenaline-fueled activities, Giulia had everything covered! We had a wonderful vacation and for our next trip to either Sardinia or Corsica she will be the first person we reach out to! It was a real pleasure to work with someone who is so friendly, has a very positive attitude, and truly cares about providing her clients with the best possible experience. If you are looking to get the most out of your trip to Sardinia and/or Corsica, look no further!.

Mark B
New York, USA

We planned a five week holiday in Italy which had Sardinia as the focal point. When it came to Sardinia, I had no idea what to see and how long to spend at each location. So, initially I struggled to plan anything until I happened upon the Cleo Experience website and Giulia. That was my lucky day. We made contact through numerous emails and Zoom meetings, so that she could determine our exact needs and requirements, even down to the level of activity! Giulia's attention to detail was exceptional and she has so many contacts, including knowledge of the best places to stay and where to eat, that the average traveler could not possibly see or do what we did in ten days. Every facet of our trip was planned and even when there were questions or slight departures required by us, she was always there to assist. She even helped us with forward bookings on the mainland while we were in Sardinia. Nothing is too much trouble. Your satisfaction is her highest priority. Giulia made what promised to be an exceptional ten days, totally unforgettable. Giulia was always a pleasure to talk to and work with. She never gets angry or stressed, so that you always have a feeling of calm while you are on your trip. I cannot recommend this company highly enough and if you are going to Sardinia or Corsica, you must contact her..

Peter Robinson

Sardinia's beautiful secret places, ancient craftsmanship traditions and Giulia's extraordinary organisational skills proved to be the main ingredients for a magical summer travel experience in this region. We received tailor-made advice and visited the perfect places for us thanks to her ability to grasp our needs and create the best possible Sardinian experience ever! From North to South, passing through a fascinating countryside, we were able to savour the true experience of this land! Highly recommended and worth repeating! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!.

Daria R.
Milano, IT

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