Marisa. S.

Giulia helped me plan the most incredible trip to Sardinia and Corsica. I knew very little about the islands when I first started thinking about my vacation but fortunately Giulia guided me every step of the way. She structured my itinerary in a way that made the most sense logistically, suggested top notch hotels and restaurants, coordinated a boat day, and generally advised me and answered all of my questions. I especially appreciated her hotel recommendations as the places I looked initially are chain hotels and much less authentic Italian than I wanted. I ended up booking all of the hotels Giulia recommended and they were beautiful – she found the perfect hotel on Poetto Beach in the south of Sardinia, where I went kitesurfing, as well as stunning hotels in the north of Sardinia and in Bonifacio in Corsica where I relaxed and explored.

That Giulia is a fantastic resource is evident, I am sure, from her many glowing reviews. However, what you might not be able to see from her website alone is what a pleasure she is to work with. Trip planning can be stressful but Giulia has a positive disposition and deeply cares about her clients and their happiness. I can’t wait to work with Giulia again to plan my next vacation

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