Terms & conditions

  1. Definitions

In these Terms and Conditions

“Activities” means the travel design activities executed by Cleo upon request from your side and signature of the contractual documentation to be provided by Cleo.

“Cleo” means Cleo Experience.

External Providers” has the meaning under paragraph 3.2 below.

Form” means the form to be filled by you at your first access to this Platform in order to be contacted by Cleo and decide whether requesting Cleo to execute any Activity.

Platform” means this website owned and managed by Cleo.

Terms” means these terms and conditions.

  1. About these Terms
  2. When you send Cleo the Form duly filled, you accept these Terms and any other terms that you’re provided with during the Activities.
  3. If anything in these Terms is (or becomes) invalid or, unenforceable:
  • it will still be enforced to the fullest extent permitted by law;
  • you will still be bound by everything else in the Terms.
  1. About the Platform and Activities
  2. When you register with this Platform, Cleo provides and is responsible for the Platform.
  3. During the execution of the Activities we work with companies (“External Providers”) that provide local support services. They don’t:
  • control or manage our Platform;
  • provide you directly with any specific service;
  • represent us, enter into contracts or accept legal documents in our name;
  • operate as our ‘process or service agents’.
  1. To get in contact with Cleo, you will have to fill the Form. Please make sure all your info is correct and up to date, or we will not be able to contact you. You’re responsible for filling the Form.
  2. Unless otherwise indicated, you need to be at least 16 to use the Platform and to send Cleo the duly filled Form.
  3. Compliance
  4. You will:
  • comply with all applicable laws;
  • cooperate with any anti-fraud/anti-money laundering checks we need to carry out;
  • not use the Platform to cause a nuisance or make fake requests of Activities;
  • use the Platform for its intended purpose;
  • not cause any nuisance or damage and not behave inappropriately to Cleo’s personnel (or anyone else, for that matter).
  1. Privacy and cookies

Please see our  Privacy Statement and Cookies Statements for more information on privacy, cookies, and how we might contact you and process personal data

  1. 6. Accessibility requests

If you have any accessibility requests about our Platform and/or services, please contact us at the following contact details:

  1. Intellectual property rights
  2. Unless otherwise stated, all rights in our Platform (technology, content, trademarks, look & feel, etc.) are owned by Cleo (or its licensors) and by using our Platform you agree to do so for its intended purpose only and respecting the conditions set out in these Terms.
  3. You’re not allowed to monitor, copy, scrape/crawl, download, reproduce or otherwise use anything on our Platform for any commercial purpose without written permission of Cleo or its licensors.
  4. We keep a close eye on every visit to our Platform, and we’ll block anyone (and any automated system) we suspect of:
  • conducting an unreasonable amount of searches;
  • doing anything that places undue stress on our Platform.
  1. What if something goes wrong?
  2. If you have a query or complaint, please contact us at the following contact details: can help us help you as quickly as possible – by providing:
  • your contact details and the email address you used when you filled the Form;
  • a summary of the issue, including how you’d like us to help you;
  • any supporting documents (bank statement, pictures, receipts, etc.)
  1. All queries and complaints are recorded, and the most urgent ones are treated as highest priority.
  2. We do try to resolve disputes internally, and we’re not obliged to submit to any alternative dispute resolution procedures handled by independent providers.
  3. Measures against unacceptable behaviour

We have the right to stop you using this Platform. Of course, we’ll only do this if, in our opinion, there’s a good reason to – for example:

  • fraud or abuse;
  • non-compliance with applicable laws or regulations;
  • inappropriate or unlawful behaviour (e.g. violence, threats or invasion of privacy) in relation to us, any of the companies we work with – or anyone else, for that matter.
  1. Limitation of liability
  2. To the extent permitted by mandatory consumer law, we’ll only be liable for costs you incur as a direct result of a failure on our behalf. This means, to the extent permitted by law, we won’t be liable for (e.g.) any:
  • indirect loss or indirect damage;
  • mistake in an email address, phone number or credit card number (unless it’s our fault);
  • force majeure or event beyond our control.
  1. If you are in breach of these Terms, to the extent permitted by law:
  • we won’t be liable for any costs you incur as a result; and
  • you won’t be entitled to any refund.
  1. To the extent permitted by law, the most that we will be liable for (whether for one event or a series of connected events) is the cost of the Activities, as set out in the separate agreement to be signed with Cleo before any Activity is carried out.
  2. Nothing in these terms will limit our liability in respect of our (or their) own (i) gross negligence or (ii) fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation.
  3. You may be protected by mandatory consumer protection laws and regulations, which guarantee you rights that no company’s terms can overrule. In that case, our liability is determined not just by these Terms, but also by any applicable consumer protection laws and regulations.
  4. Applicable law and forum
  5. To the extent permitted by mandatory local (consumer) law, these Terms and our services will be governed by the laws of the Italian Republic.
  6. To the extent permitted by mandatory local (consumer) law, any dispute will exclusively be submitted to the competent Courts of Milan.


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