8 reasons to visit Sardinia

"Dear Sardinia, ses su coru meu."

25 gennaio 2024

Sardinia is a unique destination that offers a perfect combination of natural beauty, culture, history and traditions. 

A rare pearl in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, it presents an endless list of reasons to visit.

In this blog, we have chosen 8 of them, in a somewhat peculiar way. 

To show you that, even from its name, this island hides indescribable treasures and fantastic surprises.

Don’t believe us? Read on.

According to some ancient sources, the name Sardinia comes from the Greeks who, in the beginning called this island “Sardò,” connecting it to Sardo, son of Heracles who, according to the myth, came to this place heading the Libyan colonists.

From the letters that make up its name, however, we can extrapolate so many other words that are part of Sardinian culture: all reasons for you to fall hopelessly in love with this island.

S for SEADAS: a delicacy made of two layers of pasta wiggled with butter and interspersed with fresh cacio cheese then fried in oil. Every experience in Sardinia is an explosion of flavors. Every place you visit holds a culinary tradition that will fill your taste buds with joy.

A for ÀBBA: water. Whether it is from the sea, streams, rivers, lakes and waterfalls, it doesn’t really matter. In all its forms it will be some of the clearest and most crystal clear you have ever seen.

R for RÀGANA: vehemence, strength, endurance.  A characteristic that represents the tenacity of the Sardinian people, who have always defended their land from conquerors. You will sense it in every story, tale and encounter you make. Perceiving the love Sardinians feel for their native place is an exciting experience.

D for DUÉNGU: ghost, sprite. Goblins, giants, druids, fairies, witches. Sardinia is an island full of legends that are eager to be told and discovered.

E for ERBA DE SANTA MARIA: helichrysum. The typical scent of Sardinia that you will always carry in your heart.

G for GURTÉDDHU: knife. Sardinia is typical for the production of so many handicrafts, from knives to tapestries, from baskets to jewelry. Each with its own history, origin and a tradition that travels from generation to generation.

N for NURAGHE: prehistoric house-fortress. With 254 sites spread across the territory, the island offers its inhabitants twice as many access points to the historical and cultural system as the Italian national average. Are you still convinced that there is nothing beautiful to see besides the sea?

A for ADÌU: Goodbye. The word you never want to say once you arrive in Sardinia.

If you too have sensed the magic of this unique land in the world, we are at your disposal to organize an experience that will make you say: “Dear Sardinia, ses su coru meu.”

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