Caterpillar or Butterfly?

Caterpillar or Butterfly?

16 February 2023

Everyone wants to turn into a butterfly, few are willing to be a caterpillar.

What does this have to do with Cleo Experience, Sardinia and Corsica? Much more than you can imagine.
It all goes back two years, when we were starting our project. Like any self-respecting company, ours needed a name and a logo to be recognizable, and that is how Cleo Experience was born.
Cleo, in fact, stands for Cleopatra, an endemic species of butterfly from Sardinia and Corsica.

But why, of all animals, her?The butterfly, in addition to being a symbolic animal of these two islands, represents metamorphosis: the deep transformation through difficulties to reach the best version of ourselves.
It also reflects lightness and the famous concept of “carpe diem” that all of us, at least once in our lives, have been faced with.

How many times have we had to make an important choice? How many times have we experienced that feeling of fear and excitement that got we right there, where we really wanted to be?
Coming to terms with ourselves is not always easy, quite the contrary. Especially when it comes to leaving a set path and jumping into the unknown.

At that precise moment, each of us decides our own destiny: we choose whether to become a butterfly or remain locked in our cocoon. Yet, it is precisely when we feel most vulnerable that we can take the steps toward our destiny.
We have painstakingly chosen to weave our silk, to stand side by side with fear, patience and waiting. Leaving the certain for the uncertain.
And so, we gave birth to our butterfly, experiencing the beauty of existence, finding a better version of ourselves and moving forward, day by day, on this entrepreneurial journey.
If we had not found ourselves in these lands that have so much to offer and teach, we would not be here to tell you about it.

Therefore, our mission is to share with you the beauty of these places.
Because everyone can arrange a simple vacation for you, but few can give you an experience that will always remain in your heart.

Ready to fly with us?

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